Following the success of the 2016 symposium: Irving J. Gill and the Chicago School, the Irving J. Gill Foundation is pleased to announce its upcoming symposium for fall 2017:

Irving J. Gill: Transitioning to Modern

Gill scholars will examine Gill, his designs, the social and physical context of the period and his clients, all circa 1905-1911. This was a key period in Gill’s career, one in which he transitions from the more traditional practice of applying accepted styles to becoming one of America’s most significant architectural innovators. Gill’s most important architectural legacy developed in this period. It is the time in which he develops and evolves his high style. As we now know, this style is the origin of the language of Modern Architecture.

Melville Klauber House, 1908 (demolished)
Melville Klauber House, 1908 (demolished)

Expanding on last year’s  model, this year’s symposium will be a two-day event and will include tours of several key Gill buildings.

The Uptown area of San Diego has been selected as the site of this year’s symposium as it contains several examples of Gill’s work from this very special period in San Diego’s history.

The Irving J. Gill: Transitioning to Modern symposium will be held October 28 & 29, 2017 in San Diego.

More information and registration is available HERE.

Irving J. Gill:

Architectural Futurist

“If we, the architects of the West, wish to do great and lasting work we must dare to be simple, must have the courage to fling aside every device that distracts the eye from structural beauty, must break through convention and get down to fundamental truths.”

Irving J. Gill, Architect
Craftsman Magazine, May, 1916

Architectural Poet

“There is something very restful and satisfying to my mind in the simple cube house with creamy walls, shear and plain, rising boldly into the sky, unrelieved by cornices or overhanging of roof, unornamented save for the vines that soften a line or creepers that wreathe a pillar or flowers that inlay color more sentiently than any tile could do.”

Irving J. Gill, Architect
Craftsman Magazine, May, 1916

Architectural Innovator

“Twenty years ago I built a concrete floor. I expected it to be cold. I expected it to be damp. I expected it to be all the uncomfortable things people said it would be. I found it warm and dry and all the comfortable things people said it would not be. Best of all, I knew it would never harbor the vermin of sorts that infest old wooden flooring, mice that scamper at night, or the accidental cat.”

Irving J. Gill, Architect
Sunset Magazine, December, 1915

2016 Symposium

The Irving J. Gill Foundation’s symposium
Irving J. Gill and the Chicago School
was a great success.

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