IJGF AIA CC Maybeck Awards 2017 Medallion CompositeAmerican Institute of Architects
California Council
San Diego Architect 
Irving J. Gill
with the
2017 Maybeck Award

The Maybeck Award is an exceptional honor that is only given to a very limited number of California architects. Winners must show a lifetime of significant achievements, substantial contributions to the profession, and a body of work that is notable and influential. Gill meets all these criteria, and the judges voted unanimously for Gill to be thus honored.

The Gill Foundation submitted the award application on Gill’s behalf. James B. Guthrie, A.I.A., president and founder of the Irving J. Gill Foundation will be accepting the award in Irving J. Gill’s honor at an A.I.A. C.C. ceremony in Monterey, California on October 13, 2017.

Irving J. Gill: Transitioning to Modern

The symposium and tours have been rescheduled for spring 2018.

Architectural Futurist

“If we, the architects of the West, wish to do great and lasting work we must dare to be simple, must have the courage to fling aside every device that distracts the eye from structural beauty, must break through convention and get down to fundamental truths.”

Irving J. Gill, Architect
Craftsman Magazine, May, 1916

Architectural Poet

“There is something very restful and satisfying to my mind in the simple cube house with creamy walls, shear and plain, rising boldly into the sky, unrelieved by cornices or overhanging of roof, unornamented save for the vines that soften a line or creepers that wreathe a pillar or flowers that inlay color more sentiently than any tile could do.”

Irving J. Gill, Architect
Craftsman Magazine, May, 1916

Architectural Innovator

“Twenty years ago I built a concrete floor. I expected it to be cold. I expected it to be damp. I expected it to be all the uncomfortable things people said it would be. I found it warm and dry and all the comfortable things people said it would not be. Best of all, I knew it would never harbor the vermin of sorts that infest old wooden flooring, mice that scamper at night, or the accidental cat.”

Irving J. Gill, Architect
Sunset Magazine, December, 1915