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Lost & Found Fundraiser

We are raising funds to find a respectful resting place for Irving J. Gill’s remains. 

Mt. Hope Cemetery

Upon his untimely death in 1936, we assumed that Mr. Gill had been cremated, but no one knew what became of his remains; until now. The IJGF recently learned that Mr. Gill’s ashes have been sitting in a tin box, on a shelf, in a closet at the Cypress View mortuary in San Diego. The mortuary paperwork states that they are to be held until “family comes to pick them up.” In the 87 years since his death, his family never came.

The Foundation is working to bring a happy ending to this sad story. We plan to secure a burial plot and a headstone in Mt. Hope Cemetery. At Mt. Hope, he can bask in the San Diego fresh air and sunshine that inspired his work and the proximity of his many friends, associates, and clients.

 If you would like to support this effort, please go to our donation page: irvingjgill.org/give